The population of CHULILLA is located in the County of Los SERRANOS, 50 kilometers from VALENCIA.

Altitude: 400 meters. Area: 62.8 square kilometers. Population: In 2006, 750 approx. inhabitants.

The local vegetation is Pines (Carrasco) and Mediterranean scrub. The wildlife is mainly rabbits, hares, partridges, foxes and eagles. Its economy relies mainly on agriculture (orchard, and making wine and oil).

The layout of the village is very twisty, steep and narrow. The streets are molded from the mountainous terrain on which the town is situated. Tourism has welcomed itself into the village, with lodgings, restaurants and its beautiful scenery, make Chulilla a desirable location, very close to the city of Valencia and its airport.



The location of Chulilla is a true natural park, with large vertical valleys, deep terrain pierced by the Turia river and a real paradise for hikers, climbers and lovers of nature in general. The walking and hiking in the valley afford you wonderful views of the local landscape.

You must visit the area of Charco Azul, also Pelma to visit their important Iberian sites. The terrain is most Cretaceous. At Los Calderones there are several rope bridges, when the workers carried timber from Moya and Montes de Castilla to the city of Valencia, the beamed bridges crossed at this point.


Monuments in Chulilla

Castle - historic artistic monument (B.O.E.30-111-1981). The Castle is at the core of the village, not only because the previous inhabitants of the ancient age were, but because the Castle ruins reflect the historical nature of the village as well as the character of the local  people. Roman remains of Muslim origin have been established on the upper platform of the mount, it consists of a tower with its cistern at the base, masonry walls and constructions of mud.

In past times its function was control of the local roads in the valley and safe refuge of the inhabitants of the farmhouses. It was with the Alpuente the most important castle of the whole area.

La Ermita de Santa Barbara;. Gothic building originally built in 1364, renovated 1730 and now restored.

La Ermita de San José - Classical building of the 19th century La Ermita de la Virgen de la Estrella.




Discover the hiking trails, scale on the vertical cliffs, walk alongside the Rio Turia, swim in the Charco Azul or visit the ruins of the Ancient Castle. Visit the waterfall or stroll the narrow streets of Chulilla, quietly enjoying the bars and restaurants of the rich and varied regional cuisine.

  • The possibility of countless outdoor activities such as hiking/walking/swimming/cycling/picnic
  • Visit other towns: Chelva-streets (with ancient Roman aqueduct), Loriguilla, the reservoir, Sot de Chera, Alcublas, Alpuente.

Above all, will find at La Casa Serena, Chulilla, a holiday full of opportunities: hiking, walking, mountaineering, climbing, canoeing, cycling, and horse riding. Relaxation, tranquility, natural beauty and ambiance to your liking.

Enjoy the routes with Shire horses in our village!




Fantastic dining in Chullia

Chulilla is home to a great selection of places to eat and drink, choose from many quality restaurants or Cafe & bars where you can have a quick drink, or a bite to eat whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Here you can sample tasty local dishes such as Wild Boar stew, Beef pot (with beans, potatoes, chard, bacon, sausage and onion bread. Or maybe try Güeña, or Cabbage pot with beans, beets and potatoes. You will not forget its pastries such as reguiño, congretes, butter, almond cakes or fine wines and mistelas

Most of the restaurants are open on weekends only in the village, with one or two open midweek.

Local shopping can be done in the butchers, baker, tabac kiosk, pharmacy, two supermarkets, drugstore. Medical consultations on weekday mornings.

BUS service between VALENCIA and CHULILLA (company Chelvana) phone 96 198 50 09.


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